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Welcome to — Project: Off To Oz, the multi camera 1080p near space balloon project!

UPDATE: 7/8/2011: Both external batteries are bought and I have half the box completed and ready to go, slowly things are coming together. Today is a sad day for the space sprogram as Space Shuttle Atlantis leaves Earth for the final time and ending the space program. I would like to thank the Shuttles and their teams for all the great launches over the years, I owe my fascination for flight and space on them. We have had some great memories.

UPDATE: 5/8/2011: Bought the GPS tracker and an external battery for one camera, parts are slowly coming together and did a test cutout of a foam panel for the side of the capsule. Gonna perfect a few things then get started on the real thing. Will be adding some pics of the process here soon!

UPDATE: 5/6/2011: Started cutting foam out to make the box that will house the cameras and GPS tracker. Still trying to figure out the best possible way to do things, will post up some pics of the trial and error and maybe some test video files.

UPDATE: 5/2/2011: New website launched for Hope you enjoy all this site has to offer and check back for future updates and launches!!

UPDATE: 4/25/2011: Domain purchased and balloon already in progress check back for build detailsĀ 

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