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***CAUTION/DISCLAIMER: Launching things into the stratosphere can be DANGEROUS! Please contact the FAA before trying any launches (even if they are under 4 lbs.) to make sure your vehicle won’t be entering restricted airspace and PLEASE check the University of Wyoming’s Balloon Trajectory Predictor(or a similar website) to make sure you balloon won’t be landing in the city/a populated area where it might cause significant damage. Also, be sure to test your balloon’s terminal velocity for descent before launching.

About Project Off To Oz

I am a 28 year old from Columbus, OH who has always been fascinated by space and flight and decided to take it to the next step with a balloon and some cameras.

There have been a few other groups to acccomplish the same feat some using a simple camera to other groups using more advanced tech. I am one of the first to:

(1) Use 2 1080p HD cameras and also a digital camera for stills. While the cost increases dramataically it will give greater return on different angles and more information about its flight.

(2) Launch such an object from the state of Ohio, I would like others to also try and build more balloons so it can be more commonplace as it doesnt have to be all expensive tech it can just be a fun hobby.

The end result will hopefully be awesome and travel close to 100,000 ft and return safely with video and photos.



Project Off To Oz Details:
Who Justin Webb
Launch Date/Time TBD
Launch Location TBD (somewhere in southern OH)
Impact Location TBD
Distance Traveled TBD
Altitude Achieved TBD
Helium Used TBD
Weight TBD
Camera (2) GoPro HD 1080P cameras
Batteries Built in lithium camera batteriesplus external lithium batteries
GPS Reciever SPOT personal tracker
Tracking Software Spot Tracking Software
Flight pathGoogle Earth kml
FAA regulationLegal as long as payload is under 4 pounds

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